Category: The Cooper Family

Labor Day Bakery Reflections

Yesterday was Labor Day, a day of rest and recognition for all of those who work. As a bakery, we’re supported by so many hardworking individuals — artisans with awe-inspiring ethic. Each step of the baking process takes physical labor, patience, and skill. We want to say thank you to all of our team members,… Read more »

Why We Love Making It Ourselves

We’ve always had a thing for DIY. Our bakery began as a passion project fueled by a love for French bread and pastry. We wanted to share what we loved with our friends and neighbors, and thankfully, we’ve been able to do so with much of the DFW! For us, baking is just as much… Read more »

Village Baking Company Says Thank You

Celebrating at the Best of Big D awards last week has us feeling especially reflective. The positive words of support we’ve heard from so many of you on social media and in our boulangeries fill us with joy. Village Baking Company started as a passion project, an itch we had to scratch. We love French… Read more »

Harvest Time at the Cooper Wheat Fields

A reflection from Village Baking Company co owner Kim Cooper: This Memorial Weekend our wheat fields are being harvested. As we reminisce on the past year, we think of all the celebrations our family has had at the wheat fields. From the kids playing hide and seek, to an Easter Sunday feast, cocktail hour at… Read more »