A reflection from Village Baking Company co owner Kim Cooper:

This Memorial Weekend our wheat fields are being harvested. As we reminisce on the past year, we think of all the celebrations our family has had at the wheat fields. From the kids playing hide and seek, to an Easter Sunday feast, cocktail hour at sunset with friends, to watching a thunderstorm roll in. We find the beautiful wheat fields a gathering place. How neat that the wheat fields come full-circle. We use the wheat to bake bread for you, so that you might gather around the table with your loved ones. As we watch the wheat being cut, it is bitter sweet. We say goodbye to a beautiful year of celebrating life, but with thankful hearts, we rejoice in what is to come. It’s such an honor to bring the wheat to its final destination: bread on your table.

Wheat Harvest Is Part of a Greater Process

Our greatest pleasure has always come from creating something and sharing it. That we can put craft and care into bread and pastries, and that y’all will welcome and enjoy them — it’s where we derive our passion. You can imagine then, how exciting it is to root ourselves even deeper in the process by growing our own wheat.

Bread has always been part of a communal experience. It’s the way we welcome guests and pronounce friendship. The symbolism of this timeless food is something on which we always reflect. The sense of togetherness and unification feel particularly prevalent during Memorial Weekend.

Comradery Feels Especially Important Over Memorial Day

Amber waves of grain remind us of our freedom — that all of this is possible because of the selfless sacrifice our service men and women give to our country. We are so grateful for your service, and it is the greatest privilege to bake bread for you and to serve you in our bakery home. Thank you.

About Village Baking Company

Village Baking Company has two retail locations in Dallas — one on Greenville Ave. and another on Woodall St. You can also find VBC bread and pastries on Saturdays at farmers market tables across the DFW (Rockwall, St. Michael’s, McKinney, Coppell, and Frisco). To learn more about the menu or to place a large order for pickup, you can contact Village Baking Company in Dallas, TX at 214-951-9077.