Village Baking Company

Village Baking Company has always put quality first.

We pride ourselves on taking an holistic approach to bread and pastry. Artisanal products require time and patience. Whether it’s proofing, resting, or baking, we know that quality is worth the wait. That’s reflected in the color and crust of our product. Caramelization is a beautiful process that gives our pastries and breads an appearance and flavor you can’t beat. We take our time making our products so that you can spend your time enjoying them.

We’re thrilled to provide Dallas with the absolute best in French bread, pastries, and sandwiches. You can find us at our storefront on Lower Greenville, our retail space on Woodall (starting October 5th), and at local farmers markets on the weekends.

To catch up on our latest creations and meet the people behind our delicious products, connect with us on Facebook and Instagram.

1921 Greenville Ave
Dallas, TX 75206
4924 Woodall St.
Dallas, TX 75247