Month: May 2018

Harvest Time at the Cooper Wheat Fields

A reflection from Village Baking Company co owner Kim Cooper: This Memorial Weekend our wheat fields are being harvested. As we reminisce on the past year, we think of all the celebrations our family has had at the wheat fields. From the kids playing hide and seek, to an Easter Sunday feast, cocktail hour at… Read more »

A Birthday Party for Dallas’ Boulangerie

Ahhh! It was our Greenville birthdaversary this past weekend and we did all of the celebrating. (Huge thank you to our store manager Liz, who came up with some eye-popping pastry concepts and sprinkle combinations.) Three years ago, we opened our boulangerie storefront in Lowest Greenville, and while so much has happened in that time,… Read more »

The Best Teacher Appreciation Gifts Are Experiential

Teachers are incredibly important because they touch the lives of individuals and make a huge impact on society. Everyone remembers the exceptional educators they had growing up. Great teaching sticks with you for life. It’s these people who shaped your love for learning, and helped you become the well-rounded person you are today. Tuesday, May… Read more »