Category: Community Events

Lowest Greenville Lights Up This Saturday

If you’ve recently paid a visit to Lowest Greenville, you may have noticed that things are starting to look a little more festive. That’s because the holiday season is here and we’re all ready to celebrate! The Lowest Greenville Collective is at it again with another amazing community event. For the second year, the LGC… Read more »

Get Excited for the Lowest Greenville Fall Festival

In Dallas, once the temperature drops below 80 degrees, even for a moment, it’s officially fall. We get plenty of heat, so we’ll take any chance we can to embrace a fresh season! The last few overcast, “chilly” days have had us ready and excited for fall, and the timing is perfect. It’s almost time… Read more »

How to Celebrate Bastille Day in Dallas

July 14th marks 229 years since the storming of the Bastille. The day has become a celebration of French unity acknowledged around the country, including here in Dallas. We take pride in our French roots, and we always strive to deliver bread and pastry crafted with careful technique. Of course we’re going to celebrate Bastille… Read more »