Month: October 2018

Village Baking Company Arrives at Whole Foods

From the time we started baking out of a home kitchen, to our first little storefront in Colleyville, our mission has always been to share delicious bread and pastries — baked goods we truly love — with our neighbors. Eventually we continued that mission by reaching out to more communities and bread lovers at farmers… Read more »

Must-Try Hot Coffee Drinks for Cold Days in Dallas

Well that was fast. It seems like just yesterday we were complaining about toasty October weekends in Dallas, and now it’s so cold that the Internet is shutting down. Luckily, we at Village Baking Company are a team of quick thinkers. We adapt on the fly. Of course we have a bevy of cold beverages… Read more »

How Your Workspace Affects Your Productivity

Whether you’re a self-employed entrepreneur or a creative, plugging away on a passion project, everyone is always looking to make the most of their time. Time is such a precious commodity, especially when it comes to a hobby or side hustle, but sometimes your free time and creativity aren’t in sync. If you wait for… Read more »

What Happens When We Sell Out

Our goal is to create a comfortable cafe experience that allows you to relax and enjoy French pastry at its finest. We take meticulous care with our bakes, and we want you to be able to find just what you’re looking for to satiate that pastry craving. However, since we bake our pastries fresh each… Read more »