Lowest Greenville Lights Up This Saturday

If you’ve recently paid a visit to Lowest Greenville, you may have noticed that things are starting to look a little more festive. That’s because the holiday season is here and we’re all ready to celebrate! The Lowest Greenville Collective is at it again with another amazing community event. For the second year, the LGC is hosting Light Up Lowest Greenville! This is the night that our neck of the neighborhood officially comes alive with holiday spirit. As per usual, there’s something for everyone at this awesome community celebration. (more…)

Thanksgiving Made Easy with Pie Orders

Don’t let the temperature outside confuse you — it’s not mid-January, it’s mid-November, and Thanksgiving is just a week away! The Thanksgiving holiday is a favorite for us at Village Baking Company because it’s all about coming together with loved ones to share gratitude and amazing food! (That’s basically what our bakery was built on.) Whether you’re a meticulous-week-long-prep person or a I’ll-wing-it-the-day-of kind of person, every Thanksgiving meal takes time and effort. We want to help make your Thanksgiving as easy and delicious as possible, which is why we’re taking orders for Thanksgiving pies! (more…)

Village Baking Company Arrives at Whole Foods

From the time we started baking out of a home kitchen, to our first little storefront in Colleyville, our mission has always been to share delicious bread and pastries — baked goods we truly love — with our neighbors. Eventually we continued that mission by reaching out to more communities and bread lovers at farmers markets around the metroplex.

We’ve had the great fortune to grow to the point that the whole DFW area is now our neighborhood! We’ve seen so many talented chefs bring new dishes to life using our breads, and we’ve made so many new friends — who incorporate our bakes into their families’ weekly routines — along the way.

We reached another milestone this weekend, as we rolled out sliced artisan loaves and buns to Whole Foods locations around the DFW! (more…)

Must-Try Hot Coffee Drinks for Cold Days in Dallas

Well that was fast. It seems like just yesterday we were complaining about toasty October weekends in Dallas, and now it’s so cold that the Internet is shutting down. Luckily, we at Village Baking Company are a team of quick thinkers. We adapt on the fly. Of course we have a bevy of cold beverages on hand for the elongated summer, but we’ve also got a host of hot drinks to get you through the colder months! That includes some fantastic coffee creations to help you warm up and wake up on these chilly mornings. Here are our must-try hot coffee drinks for cold days in Dallas. (more…)

How Your Workspace Affects Your Productivity

Whether you’re a self-employed entrepreneur or a creative, plugging away on a passion project, everyone is always looking to make the most of their time. Time is such a precious commodity, especially when it comes to a hobby or side hustle, but sometimes your free time and creativity aren’t in sync. If you wait for a free moment when you actually feel like working on a project, progress is going to be slow going. One way to shake yourself out of a creative rut is to evaluate your workspace. If your work environment has become cramped or stale, it’s time for a change. Changes in the ambient noise, light, and color of your environment can actually kickstart your creativity. (more…)

What Happens When We Sell Out

Our goal is to create a comfortable cafe experience that allows you to relax and enjoy French pastry at its finest. We take meticulous care with our bakes, and we want you to be able to find just what you’re looking for to satiate that pastry craving. However, since we bake our pastries fresh each day, we produce small batches. That means that sometimes we sell out of the particular pastry that piqued your appetite. On today’s blog, we wanted to get into why we sell out of products and what you can do to make sure you find just what you’re after! (more…)

Get Excited for the Lowest Greenville Fall Festival

In Dallas, once the temperature drops below 80 degrees, even for a moment, it’s officially fall. We get plenty of heat, so we’ll take any chance we can to embrace a fresh season! The last few overcast, “chilly” days have had us ready and excited for fall, and the timing is perfect. It’s almost time again for the Lowest Greenville Fall Festival! Lowest Greenville is such a fun neighborhood, and we feel absolutely blessed to be a part of it. This place has a local business community and family environment unlike any other, and these community-oriented events are the perfect expression of what this neighborhood is all about! (more…)

Picking a Favorite French Pastry

When people come into our boulangerie for the first time, they usually get wide-eyed and excited, which is exactly how we feel about French pastry! Some people talk about their time living abroad or the very best croissant they tried during a work trip. Then it comes to time to actually choose a pastry for the morning. They may go with an old favorite, or try something a friend recommended. We’ll often hear people jokingly say, “I’ll have one of everything.” But if you have to choose, or if you’re ferrying a friend through their first foray into laminated goodness, how do you pick a favorite? Here’s a handy guide to steer you in the right direction. (more…)

How Do You Say “Kouign Amann?”

Fueled by a rich history, the intermingling of cultures, and an unmistakable perfectionism, French pastry has produced a host of wonderful, delicious creations. Each region of the country has its own sense of identity, and its own set of culinary cornerstones. In Brittany, one pastry in particular has risen to prominence, and it’s one that we love getting to share with the DFW: The kouign amann. You may have seen this layered, buttery cake on a trip abroad or while watching The Great British Baking Show. If you’ve never tried it before, oh are you in for a treat. On today’s blog, we get into how to pronounce this one-of-a-kind delicacy, along with much more about Dallas’ favorite pastry. (more…)

Labor Day Bakery Reflections

Yesterday was Labor Day, a day of rest and recognition for all of those who work. As a bakery, we’re supported by so many hardworking individuals — artisans with awe-inspiring ethic. Each step of the baking process takes physical labor, patience, and skill. We want to say thank you to all of our team members, past and present, who have helped shape Village Baking Company into the bakery that it is today. We also wanted to reflect on where we came from, and what it means to us to labor for what we love. Below, Kim Cooper recounts the early days of VBC in Colleyville — growing from a small cafe space into a wholesale bakery. (more…)