Where to Find Cold Drinks for Summer in Dallas

Y’all, it’s only July. In other parts of the country, that means summer is on the backend. Here, it means we’re just getting started. Since summer runs through September (and sometimes October) in Dallas, you need a wide range of strategies for keeping cool. Patios with misting fans are nice, and you probably already know where the nearest pool is, but where’s your go-to summer spot for a sweat-stymieing cold beverage? Don’t worry, we’re on it. Village Baking Company has caffeinated creations to keep the summer swelter at bay. (more…)

How to Celebrate Bastille Day in Dallas

July 14th marks 229 years since the storming of the Bastille. The day has become a celebration of French unity acknowledged around the country, including here in Dallas. We take pride in our French roots, and we always strive to deliver bread and pastry crafted with careful technique. Of course we’re going to celebrate Bastille Day! It’s a day of delicious meals and wine. If you’re new to Dallas, or you’re new to Bastille Day, you may be wondering where you can celebrate. While there are celebrations across the city, for us, Bastille on Bishop has always been our favorite. (more…)

Dallas French Pastry Goes Peach

We’re loving these theme months we’ve been doing this year. Having a special ingredient to work into our French pastries leads to some exciting inspirations. Blueberry, strawberry, and mixed berry have all been fun, but it’s time for something new! In July, berries are making way for peaches! Peach is a tantalizing flavor, but it can also be challenging to work with. It’s tricky to bring out a true peach flavor in baked goods without over sweetening them. Our pastry chefs are up to the task. We’ve composed some tasty peach creations for July that we think you’re going to love! (more…)

The Best Summer Sandwiches in Dallas

We were so excited to open our boulangerie on Lower Greenville three years ago (our little bakery is growing up so fast!) because we were adding a cold case and a prep space to make sandwiches. It was the perfect addition. (If you love everything about the process of baking and eating bread, you’re naturally going to love sandwiches too.) Over time, we’ve found that our sandwiches give us another exciting canvas on which we can express ourselves artistically. We rotate our sandwich menu seasonally, and our summer sandwiches have now officially arrived. As per usual, we’ve brought back some favorites, and we’ve explored some new creations. Of course, the jambon beurre is still there — don’t worry, that sandwich has tenure. Here’s a rundown of our summer sandwich menu, which you can find at both Dallas locations. (more…)

Harvest Time at the Cooper Wheat Fields

A reflection from Village Baking Company co owner Kim Cooper:

This Memorial Weekend our wheat fields are being harvested. As we reminisce on the past year, we think of all the celebrations our family has had at the wheat fields. From the kids playing hide and seek, to an Easter Sunday feast, cocktail hour at sunset with friends, to watching a thunderstorm roll in. We find the beautiful wheat fields a gathering place. How neat that the wheat fields come full-circle. We use the wheat to bake bread for you, so that you might gather around the table with your loved ones. As we watch the wheat being cut, it is bitter sweet. We say goodbye to a beautiful year of celebrating life, but with thankful hearts, we rejoice in what is to come. It’s such an honor to bring the wheat to its final destination: bread on your table. (more…)

A Birthday Party for Dallas’ Boulangerie

Ahhh! It was our Greenville birthdaversary this past weekend and we did all of the celebrating. (Huge thank you to our store manager Liz, who came up with some eye-popping pastry concepts and sprinkle combinations.) Three years ago, we opened our boulangerie storefront in Lowest Greenville, and while so much has happened in that time, our mission has remained the same: We wanted to bring the vibe and aesthetic of a French cafe to the neighborhood. This was our second retail space, and the first that we would actually have the chance to design ourselves! That prospect is incredibly exciting at first, then it gets overwhelming, and then it oscillates between those two feelings until the space is ready. We love what our little neighborhood boulangerie has become, so here’s to you for making it possible! (more…)

The Best Teacher Appreciation Gifts Are Experiential

Teachers are incredibly important because they touch the lives of individuals and make a huge impact on society. Everyone remembers the exceptional educators they had growing up. Great teaching sticks with you for life. It’s these people who shaped your love for learning, and helped you become the well-rounded person you are today. Tuesday, May 8th, is National Teacher Appreciation Day. This is the special time of year when you go out of your way to say thank you to teachers for committing themselves to the wellbeing of your children. So how do you say thank you to someone so important? You don’t want to just pass along another office supply for the desk. An Experiential gift is one your teacher will remember. (more…)